Table of Contents :-

All Hands Home Page

Application Form:- where you can apply to join the Warsash Association & print off a Banking Order Authority Form to pay your subscription

From the Archives:- photos of cadets of 1965 vintage

Editor's Notes:- a plea for updated e-mail addressees etc.

Feedback:- place to put your views and suggestions

Christmas Lunch:- presentation to Peter Roberts

Southampton Branch Christmas Lunch Speech:- given by John Millican, Director of WMC

Letters from the National Press:- relating to careers at sea today

Operation Telic:- Gulf War experiences by John Lloyd

Letter to the Editor:- from Hugh Coates & John Purchall

First Trip to Sea:- Peter Bottomley tells of his first voyage during WW2

Admiralty Cableships:- experiences of Denis Mason (Mazonowicz)

Members List:- list of members of the association split into two pages - 1936 to 1955 & 1956 onwards

Obituaries:- Capt. Bob Rowe FNI

Odds & Ends:- various items of interest?

Postbag:- containing news from home and overseas of old cadets

Website:- - a site about safety information on ships

Created by:- Alan Ewart-James