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All Hands Home Page

Application Form:- where you can apply to join the Warsash Association & print off a Banking Order Authority Form to pay your subscription

From the Archives:-reproduction of an article published in the first edition of "All Hands"

Editor's Notes:- a plea for updated e-mail addressees etc.

Feedback:- place to put your views and suggestions

Trafalgar 1805:-a contemporary French newspaper report on the famous sea battle

Trafalgar 2005:- a light hearted modern day version of the conversation between Nelson and Hardy

The 2004 AGM:- reports on various aspects of this year's AGM

Naval Architect:- a paper given by Capt. Brian Hoare to a meeting of the Nautical Institute & the Royal Institute of Naval Architects

Awayday 2004:- report on the event which took place last summer

International Festival of the Seas:- the summer event to mark the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar

Odds & Ends:- various items of interest?

Postbag:- containing news from home and overseas of old cadets

Website:- - a site about preserving this historical ship

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