Halcyon Dismasting 1959 - by Alan Knott

Captain Stewart, Bosun Pitts Pitts and their crew of Cadets had boarded the Halcyon at her moorings in the Hamble for a cruise of about 4 days during the summer term [?] in 1959. The cadets consisted of some from each term so that there were varying levels of competency amongst them! The only other crew member I know of is Bryan Jones now living in South Africa.

During the second day probably about 1000 hrs the wind must have been blowing about force 4-5, the vessel being well heeled over. I remember that it was a good day except for the wind. All of a sudden with no warning the main mast snapped just above deck level.
This of course caused consternation on board but nobody was hurt. The reaction from Stew will live in my memory much longer than other details of the incident.

When he had ascertained that nobody was hurt he called out to Bosun PP "Bring the wire cutters!". So we managed to cut all the shrouds etc as necessary and lashed the remainder of the mast alongside and proceeded back to the Hamble under power.

On thinking about it we must have been some distance away from the school because I remember that we travelled at night. This is reinforced by the message that was radioed to the School  and received by a Cadet on Bridge Watch  However the message was not passed on and when the vessel finally berthed at Warsash there was no reception party as could have been expected. For this misdemeanor he was immediately rusticated, sent home without any further ado.